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for Calgary-Lougheed UCP Nomination


  • Born and raised in CALGARY

  • 10+ years experience in the CONSERVATIVE movement

  • Has and continues to provide senior campaign LEADERSHIP at the provincial and federal levels

  • IT ENTREPRENEUR focusing on the energy, agriculture, and biotech industries

  • PASSIONATE, ENERGETIC LEADER ready to be your representative in Edmonton

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Mark Fiselier is seeking your support for the United Conservative Party  nomination in Calgary Lougheed.

Mark is an entrepreneur. He helps organizations and companies in the biotech, agriculture, and energy sectors grow their business and operate effectively by supporting remote IT infrastructure. He holds a degree in Commerce from the Haskayne School of Business.

Mark is a veteran political volunteer with a decade of political experience. He is currently serving as president of the Calgary Varsity UCP constituency board. He also serves as a director for the Conservative Party of Canada Calgary Confederation board.

Mark and his wife Anya, a family medicine resident physician in Calgary, believe in Alberta and want to see our province thrive.

Get to Know Me

Get to Know Me

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Why I'm Running

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Why I'm Running

Image by Erik Mclean


Albertans are experiencing long wait times for ambulances and emergency departments. As a result, hospital hallways are filled with paramedics who can't hand off their patients. One way to reduce EMS response times is to ensure that, when a patient is brought to the hospital, there is trained staff ready to receive and onboard them so that paramedics can get back out on the road.

Doctor and Patient

✅ Fixing structural issues in our HEALTHCARE SYSTEM

Every Albertan needs a family doctor, but many Albertans either can't find one or can't get in to see theirs. I want to improve access to primary care in Alberta.
One way to do this is by removing barriers to retaining medical students and resident physicians. We need to expand medical school seats and residency spots so that every qualified Albertan student can enter a medical program and go on to join a residency program.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


Although Alberta’s economy is strong, some Albertans are still struggling. Some of our seniors, middle- and lower-income families, and vulnerable Albertans have trouble heating their homes and feeding their families.

I have seen first-hand the impact of the current affordability crisis has had on Albertans and their businesses. We must take steps to curb government spending and promote economic growth.

Image by Benoit Debaix


Trudeau is trying to shut down our energy industry and is over-involved in Alberta's provincially regulated industries. We need a strong provincial government to fight against federal intrusion into our provincial affairs.

Home schooling

✅ PARENTAL CHOICE in education

Albertans are intelligent and hard-working people and deserve to have their voices heard and their beliefs respected.
Albertan parents should be able to make their own choices. From medical decisions to decisions in children's education, you know what's best for your family.


Elected Positions

  • 2017-Present: President of Calgary-Varsity United Conservative Party Constituency Association

  • 2015-Present: Director at Large of the Calgary Confederation Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association

  • 2021-2022: President of the Calgary Confederation Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association

  • 2020: Delegate to the Conservative Party of Canada National Convention (Virtual)

  • 2018: Delegate to the Conservative Party of Canada National Convention (Halifax)

  • 2014-2017: Director at Large of the Calgary-West Progressive Conservative Constituency Association

  • 2014-2016: VP Youth of the Calgary-West Progressive Conservative Constituency Association

  • 2012-2017: Director at Large of the Calgary-Varsity Progressive Conservative Constituency Association

Campaign Experience

  • 2021: Assistant Campaign Manager to Len Webber's Campaign (Federal)

  • 2019: Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Chair for Len Webber's Campaign (Federal)

  • 2019: Assistant Campaign Manager for Jason Copping's Campaign (Provincial)

  • 2015: IT Coordinator for the Progressive Conservative Campaign (Provincial)

Work Experience

  • 2014-2015: Manager of IT for the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (Provincial)

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Voting Information:
Date & Time: March 13, 3:00pm-8:00pm
Location: Spruce Meadows British House

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